Commenda Magistrale is the calling card of a splendid territory, reflecting its millennial tradition of producing olives and wine, located in the town of Maruggio, Italy, settled during the second half of the 10th century by the inhabitants of local farms who had survived the Saracen invasions. In 1270 the country became the first ground of the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta.

The Cooperative embraces an area where olive groves and vineyards are cultivated according to the strictest organic farming methods.

The majestic centuries-old olive trees dominate the landscape with their peculiar “twisted” trunks, and vines grown in part with the old system tree, which was introduced more than two thousand years ago by the Greeks, evoke a charming throwback to ancient traditions.

The vinification is carried out under the constant control of wine experts, in accordance with the most modern techniques, so that there is a perfect balance between technology and tradition. The cellar, completely underground, is equipped with modern vinification and bottling plants from which we obtain a finished product of the highest quality, such as the famous Primitivo di Manduria DOP, in both its dry and natural sweet versions. The line of products is completed with the production of the rose and white wines of the Salento regions, all of which are IGP and have a timeless and unmistakable taste.

The production process also extends to the olive sector. The extraction of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterized by the presence of a line dedicated exclusively to the processing of the organic product with cold extraction. Still in use today is a black granite crusher, with which an extra virgin olive oil with exceptional organoleptic properties is extracted.